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Too limited for medical use

Dont purchase The Wheel app if you are a physician who practices obstetrics. It does not allow you to determine EDC by ultrasound measurements and so is not that helpful. The Wheel SP version does provide additional features which include US determination of EDC.

One more thing..., again

Thanks for adding the ability to calculate by a known gestational age. I also like its ability to see when a woman will be a certain gestational age in order to plan procedures & delivery. I personally like this version more than the spinner; the calendar view is great when somebody can only remember her period started on the last sunday of the month or if she knows she conceived a certain weekend... Drawback - Sometimes, its a bit confusing. Once an EDD has been set and you go looking for a gestational age on a particular date, its hard to know that you havent accidentally screwed up the EDD - which can lead to a major error. Id like to see a small message, i.e. "based on EDD of Oct 15, 08" below the calendar and above the EGA. Even better would be to add the gestational age in small print on each day of the calendar, once an EDD has been determined. As for as it being $14.99, this is pretty steep for an OB wheel. I think its worth it for practicing obstetricians, but it may not be worth it to students, residents, nurses, and other doctors who dont do a high volume of OB. Id bet at $9.99 or less, youd make up the decreased price with volume.

Agree--An Awesome App for the Ob

I am an OB/GYN and this does exactly what I need it to do for calculating EDD, and gestational age based on LMP or US. Bought it, love it, use it daily in my practice. Thanx to the developers! Are previous criticisms from anyone who has a clue about obstetric practice?

The Wheel

Awesome program. Unfortunately it doesnt work after I updated to iOS 4. 5 stars when it worked. 1 star now.


Dont dog on the people that posted negative reviews based on price, as some of us early adopters paid 15 bucks for this app and feel some resentment about that... Functionally its great for my us practice, is easy to use, and runs quickly on newer hardware (it was slow to initialize on my original iPhone.) Hopefully the ios4 update will make it through the review process quickly as now I have to use a wheel again...

Poorly named app

I bought this app because I wanted to see the old-school wheel to see how many months I am (every free calc will tell you how many weeks!). With a name like "The Wheel" is it too much to ask for them to show you the wheel?? This app DOES NOT show you the wheel! Just tells you your weeks in text - gee thanks. Not worth paying a fee in my opinion.

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